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I am a creative web developer and designer.

Aldin Nezirić

First of all, I am an advanced university student on Faculty of Informative Technologies, University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar.
I am well experienced in web development, and always in touch with news and hype in web development. For years I have been working in all fields of web development, while studying IT. 
My top skills are HTML, CSS, Bootstrap framework, Javascript and jQuery.
Beside these skills, I am well skilled in graphics and design, photography, texture design, palette defining, branding, photo editing, programing C++, VBA, C#, MVC.NET, SQL, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and Squarespace.
I am currently working as freelance web developer.

Web projects I did recently

Most of the projects showcased here are developed using Joomla CMS, some of them are developed using raw HTML/CSS/JS files. All of the projects are mobile responsive, using Bootstrap framework, and built by me, except three of projects developed with other developer, I tried to make a dev team with.
My favourite one, Jordan-Trips.com, that I had to design a complete look, with palette, logo, typography etc.
Project completely built upon a PSD mockup is the Orangehouse.com.co

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If you find my work skilled and creative, you might want me in your team, or you would like me to finish some of your projects. Either way, you might contact me using the simple web form down below or hire me via Freelancer platform. Even if you want me in your company, in your office, which would be really great way to ensure even more skills than presented here, you should also use the form and contact me, I would be really pleased to answer you.

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Aldin Neziric

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